Karisa Johnson-Bride

As someone who does not wear much makeup in everyday life, I was nervous about where to even begin to look for an artist for my wedding day. One of my bridesmaids had suggested I look at Vina’s Instagram, and I loved all of Vina’s work. When I first met with Vina, I immediately knew I had made the right choice. She was such a joy to be in the presence of. She made the process feel so easy and comfortable not only for me, but for my bridesmaids and my mother. Vina was mindful of all of our styles and listened intently about what each of us wanted. We all looked so gorgeous thanks to Vina! “

-Karisa Johnson

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Model - Gen Ramoelte @_geneieve

“I first worked with Vina Gisella on October 30th of 2016. Vina is a true artist. I have been a professional model for four years I worked with over 60 makeup artists. Vina is on my top three for makeup artists. She knows my face really well and I always feel more beautiful when I get to work with her. It has been almost three years since I worked with Vina and she is passionate as an artist. She is talented, humble, and such a joy to be around with. My past experiences with other makeup artists they had difficulty with my asian features and skin. The first time I worked with Vina she immediately knew what type of makeup would look the best for me. Her speciality is her skin work and her ability to enhance natural features. Her quality of work is amazing and I seen her work with other clients of diversity and she always does a wonderful job of knowing how to put makeup on anyone. I am very blessed to have known and worked with Vina. I highly recommend Vina to work with anyone.”

Jennifer Mcintyre - Beauty Photographer

“Vina is one of those rare makeup artists that understands glowing beauty. She radiates beauty and happiness from within and it shows in her makeup artistry. As a beauty photographer, her skills are exquisite and she creates beautiful tones and colors that meet my needs as a photographer. I love working with Vina and know that her skills are going to help create beautiful art work in my portfolio!”



Katie Roberts- Bride

“Where do I start??? Truth be told, I was most worried about my hair and make up on my wedding day. After seeing bridal make up gone awry I knew this was an important decision for my wedding day. I was first referred to the beautiful Rachel Birkhofer when she took amazing photos for a family member. After poking around Rachel’s Instagram I saw some incredible photos she had taken where the make up artist was Vina. After seeing what Rachel and Vina were able to create together, I knew I had to book them both. I literally stalked Vina’s Instagram for months before I contacted her.

Everything from that first communication was easy with Vina, from make up inspiration to a make up trial, to the day of, Just what every bride wants. In every way Vina exceeded my expectations. My make up was flawless and lasted the whole night. Just recently my husband and I were going through our wedding photos when he said ‘You looked like a movie star!’......... Best compliment ever! I would highly recommend Vina for anyone’s make up needs. If you don’t believe me, just go stalk her Instagram like I did and you’ll be convinced to reach out to her!”

Gaylen Lee- Retired Principal

”Vina is a true artist in makeup application.  She creates art with her style of "face painting."  Her personal style is to accentuate one's features NOT alter any facial flaws.  In addition, she has tremendous talent in mastering one's character through her wizardry.
If one is very fortunate to have Vina apply their makeup; it is a life changing impact.  For me, I felt very pleased with her creativity and it brought out my sense of empowerment and confidence. One can only experience this kind of makeup magic through Vina.
Vina is also someone that truly takes the time to apply the makeup.  She first studies the features of her client, find tones to complement and accent the client's facial characters; while trying to understand each client's persona. As a result, anyone that is fortunate to have Vina will have a magical unforgettable experience.” - Gaylen Lee